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Ditko of Seppala (1969)

Ditko of Seppala (1969)



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GORKI OF SEPPALA is a striking white Seppala Siberian Sleddog male at Seppala Kennels. Actually he is a silver saddleback, but the saddle is so light that it is visible only when he is fully shed out.

He is a reserved, intense, highly-bonded boy, completely and utterly Jeffrey's dog. He is a favourite companion for long-line walks around the Rossburn farm, as he dearly loves to be with.

Gorki's sire was Ditko de sa.Ra.Be. de Cal Segu (Sa.Ra.Be. de Cal Segu Aladin x Buffie de Sa.Ra.Be. de Cal Segu), one of our two Spanish imported stud dogs from the kennels of Pirena competitor Ramón Rojas. His dam was our much-loved F1 Russian bitch, Pia of Seppala (Shakal iz Solovyev x Zirconia of Sepp-Alta). Born in the Yukon in autumn of 2005, Gorki is probably as close as anyone has ever come to re-producing Uelen's Beowulf of Sepp-Alta, although I think he's a good deal more handsome than his illustrious great-grandsire. Gorki is half Sergei Solovyev strain Russian and half Markovo-Seppala, although not from an F1 mating.


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