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Ditko of Seppala (1969)

Ditko of Seppala (1969)



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LIZAVETA OF SEPPALA is now Seppala Kennels' main leader, having stepped into the harness of the retired Tonya. She is also Jeffrey's number one "Girlfriend" and go-everywhere companion. "Little Lizzy Lineout" is a homebred leader, the daughter of two homebred Seppala Kennels leaders.

Born 2 November 2002, Lizzy was sired by Sepallop (Hercules of Sepp-Alta x Karcajou's Dreama of Windigo) out of Kolyma of Seppala (Xpace of Seppalta x River View's Sprite). She is a pure-strain Markovo-Seppala, with a well-blended pedigree whose strongest influences are "Hank" (Hercules of Sepp-Alta) and the Baron/Mokka mating, with Powder of Markovo and Karcajou's Dreama of Windigo up close. Lizzy was not harness-broken until she was a yearling in the 2003-04 training season. Her litter was trained together as a team with Tonya presiding as command leader, and by the time the L-litter team had accumulated their first sixty miles in short-distance training runs on snow, they were working together as a team as smoothly as if they had two full seasons of training. Never have I seen a team integrate so quickly.

Lizaveta is, like her mentor Tonya, a product of Jeffrey's "girlfriends system" of leader selection and training. Like Tonya, she goes everywhere with the Boss, sleeps in his bed right beside his pillow, and has become very closely bonded. Her affection for and trust in her driver are both very strong, as is her motivation to please. For some people it probably wouldn't work (and maybe people of that sort should consider some other sleddog variety than Seppalas), but this hands-on, intensive and emotional way of producing lead dogs has given us our very finest leaders.


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