The Rainbow Bridge at Seppala Kennels
In Memoriam: Seppala Siberian Sleddogs gone but not forgotten . . .

When a kennel reaches a certain stage of maturity, say fifteen years, a number of memorable dogs have usually come and gone. That number grows with each passing year. It has certainly been thus at Seppala Kennels. Here, then, are the faithful sleddog friends that wait for us by the Rainbow Bridge as they romp happily in the fields of green and gold.

Ghost team in the treetops beside the Rainbow Bridge
Ghost team in the treetops beside the Rainbow Bridge (Digital Art by J. J. Bragg)

Karcajou's Dreama of Windigo, beloved Seppala Siberian Sleddog founder

Karcajou's Dreama of Windigo
Dec. 1983 - Jul. 1999

Norde of Sepp-Alta, beloved Seppala sleddog
Norde of Sepp-Alta
Aug. 1984 - Jan. 1996

Xpace of Seppalta, beloved Seppala sleddog
Xpace of Seppalta
Nov. 1987 - Sep. 2002

Kidron of Spirit Wind, beloved Seppala Siberian sleddog
Kidron of Spirit Wind
Dec. 1987 - Jul. 2001
River View's Sprite, beloved Seppala Siberian sleddog
River View's Sprite
Sep. 1989 - Apr. 2002

Dally of Seppa-Alta, beloved Seppala Siberian sleddog
Dally of Seppa-Alta
Oct. 1989 - May 2001

Zirconia of Sepp-Alta, beloved Seppala Siberian sleddog
Zirconia of Sepp-Alta
Mar. 1988 - Jul. 2001
Sepalluna, beloved  and honoured Seppala Siberian sleddog
Nov. 1991 - Jun. 2005

River View's Hurley, beloved Seppala sleddog
River View's Hurley
Dec. 1988 - Jul. 2004

Nyura of Seppala, beloved Seppala sleddog
Nyura of Seppala
Nov. 1996 - Dec. 2004
Surgut of Seppala, beloved Seppala sleddog
Surgut of Seppala
May 1994 - Feb. 2005

Sepalleopard, beloved Seppala sleddog
Nov. 1991 - Dec. 2003

Marcobosco, beloved Seppala sleddog
Dec. 1992 - Jul. 2004
Seppalara, beloved Seppala sleddog
Jan. 1993 - Jun. 2004

Markoboika, beloved Seppala sleddog
Dec. 1992 - Nov. 2000

Seppalena, beloved Seppala sleddog
Jan. 1993 - Jan. 2004
Zar of Seppala, beloved Seppala sleddog
Zar of Seppala
Oct. 1994 - Sept. 2005

Sepallop, beloved Seppala sleddog
Nov. 1991 - Oct. 2005

Sepalleo, beloved Seppala sleddog
Nov. 1991 - Oct. 2007
Zoltan of Seppala, beloved Seppala sleddog
Zoltan of Seppala
Oct. 1994 - Sept. 2007

Shakal iz Solovyev, beloved Siberia import sleddog
Shakal iz Solovyev
June 1991 - Feb. 2008

Sepallampo, beloved Seppala sleddog
Nov. 1991 - July 2007

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In memory of Kira: beloved friend