Seppala Kennels Has Moved!

Seppala Kennels
J. Jeffrey Bragg and Susan E. Bragg
Didych Homestead
Box 396
Rossburn, Manitoba R0J 1V0 Canada

Map of Manitoba showing new Seppala Kennels location
Map of Manitoba showing the approximate new location of Seppala Kennels

SEPPALA KENNELS has moved to the geographical centre of North America!

After fifteen years in the Yukon Territory, Seppala Kennels has moved to the Rural Municipality of Rossburn, Manitoba, about a mile from the second SW corner of Riding Mountain National Park in the Parkland Region of central Manitoba. We now occupy a 240-acre property there, the former Walter Didych farm, settled and established by Ukrainian immigrants in the late 19th century. This part of Manitoba consists of lovely rolling pasture and cropland, partly cleared, partly wooded. The Parkland region is a gathering place in spring and fall for vast numbers of migratory waterfowl and is rich in wildlife of all kinds. It is regarded as good snow and winter recreation country. We hope to have trail access into Riding Mountain Park for our winter training.

Map of Manitoba Parkland showing new Seppala Kennels location
Detail map of the Manitoba Parkland showing
the approximate new location of Seppala Kennels

Jeffrey married the former Miss Susan Elizabeth Murray of New Sharon, Maine, on the 19th of October, 2007, and has been adopted into the Highland Scottish Clan Murray. My new wife has fifteen years of kennelling experience in the Chinook breed; the Rossburn property is now home to her Tullibardine Chinooks as well as to Seppala Kennels. (In point of fact, Jeffrey has three Chinooks of his own these days.) We plan to continue both kennel operations at the new location.

Road Directions to Seppala Kennels:

TransCanada "Yellowhead" Highway #16 to Manitoba Highway #45
Manitoba Highway #45 to Rossburn;
N on Manitoba #264 3.3 km to Manitoba #577 (Rossman Lake Road);
E on #577 7.8 km to grid road 140W (North Shore Road);
N on grid road 140W 4.8 km to grid road 120N;
E on grid road 120N 1.6 km to stone marker and Canadian flag on the right;
Right turn at stone marker into farm driveway.



Don't know where Manitoba is? Not even that sure about Canada? Check the map below! (Canada's just north of the United States.)

Map of Canada
The Seppala Siberian Sleddog Project - Mr. and Mrs. J. Jeffrey Bragg - Box 396 - Rossburn, MB - R0J 1V0 - Canada