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Ditko of Seppala (1969)

Ditko of Seppala (1969)



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ORLOV OF SEPPALA is a magnificent long-coated Seppala Siberian Sleddog male, a significant stud dog at Seppala Kennels.

Known as "Lovski" to his Boss, he is a very affectionate, loving character. One day I hope to be able to get him onto the house pet roster. He would love that.

Orlov's sire was Queequeg of Seppala (Sepalleo x Kidron of Spirit Wind). His dam was our all-time great broodbitch, Kolyma of Seppala (Xpace of Seppalta x River View's Sprite). He has the seriousness of his granddam Kidron along with the working drive and determination of Sepalleo. Orlov is a pure-strain Markovo-Seppala and definitely something of a throwback to the Harry Wheeler era. He is a powerful wheel dog, a gentle, affectionate soul and a careful, well-behaved stud dog.


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